Erotic tetris fanfic. - 7/29/08

My fingers can.t keep still, and I search frantically around the battle field. Another enemy defeated and another ally down. I can.t stop, not now.

I see an opening, I go for it, but as the foe comes closer I lose concentration. My mind is no longer aware of my surroundings; I am only focused on one thing. Victory.

My senses advance farther than they have ever gone before, and my focus is all on the upcoming barrier. I imagine a risky move, and I go for it.

My tactics only help my failure. I screech with fury as I realize another friend is taken down before my eyes. I am defeated once again by the merciless army that I have so long struggled against.

.Honey, can you keep it down up there?.

.Mom, I.m playing Tetris!. I respond, voice trembling with the sound of disappointment.

.Just try not to overreact, please?. she hollered back.

Bleep. Ping. Ding. Beep. Buzz. Ring. Click. Clack.

It.s hard not to overreact when your dearest friends die before you. And with a final yelp back down to my mother I start the war over again, in hope I can avenge the blocks that offered their lives for the game of Tetris.

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